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Do It Yourself

Change the text to include your own content. Adjust the font, size or scale to customize the style.

What's included:

'The Studio' Website Template

Clean, simple, modern.

With a striking simplicity, 'The Studio' website template is perfect for the modern salon or freelance stylist as a place to feature your work and attract new clients. Let your digital footprint leave the right mark with a DIY Digital website template. This template is designed fully-responsive using Wix Studio.

Purchase the template for a DIY website, or add a FILL-IT-FOR-YOU add-on to your purchase to skip the learning phase and get right to having your site live by having one of our team members fill in your content for you!

Get 'The Studio' and get your hair or beauty business online today!

**This website template does not include the addition of a booking system**

**Templates do not include your domain or hosting plan**



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