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at Do It Yourself Digital is to empower the modern solopreneur with the digital skills they’ll need on their journey to brand dominance.


to unlock the mysteries of digital marketing, from engaging websites to compelling content, making it all not just doable, but approachable too.

It's more than building a brand; it's about giving you the tools to empower your vision for your brand,

your way.

Let's make the digital world your playground.

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How it works

Choosing the right way to launch your website with us is simple and tailored to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for a hands-on approach, prefer to do it yourself with guidance, or need a flexible, no-commitment option, we have a tier for you. Explore our offerings to find the perfect match for your project's scope and scale. Each option is designed to empower you with the right level of support and flexibility, ensuring your digital presence shines.

  • Our "Buy It" option hands you the keys to a fully customized website.

    A dedicated team member will take your template of choice and seamlessly integrate your content and copy, ensuring your site reflects your unique brand.
    Perfect for those seeking hassle-free access to creating their professional online presence.

  • Purchase your website template of choice and receive a copy of the pre-built website directly to your Wix account, complete with a complimentary instructional video on how to edit your new site. Learn to personalize and tweak your site to perfection at your own pace - Ideal for DIY enthusiasts eager to craft their digital footprint.

  • Flexible and budget-friendly to start up, "Rent It" offers the perfect blend of professional assistance and independence. Start with a low-cost, one-time start-up fee to populate your site with your content and branding, then enjoy monthly benefits like hosting and basic updates all in one package. Pause anytime, knowing we'll safeguard your design. Great for temporary or evolving online needs, pop-up events or things like wedding information and invite sites.

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The Studio

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